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Walmart Vs Amazon

Less than a week ago, Gibu Thomas, Senior VP for Mobile and Digital Walmart gave an interview to Forbes on Walmart Vs Amazon’s competition in the digital segment.

“Thomas contends that increasingly the entire retail business at Walmart is digital, as people use mobile devices not just to shop, but to affect the way you shop in stores” – Eric Savitz, Forbes Staff

This is a Link to his Interview LINK

5 days later, that’s less than a week, servers cannot handle the load on black Friday and the website is down.

Either that is just the worst coincidence or that Walmart as a brand still has a long way to go to compete with Amazon.

Black Friday Walmart

Walmart Servers on Black Friday

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jetBlue Social Media Strategy

jetBlue Social Media Strategy

jetBlue has been one of the few aviation giants to adopt social media and incorporate it in its operations. However there are a few things that might make jetBlue a great organization on Social Media.

I am not an employee of jetBlue and this presentation is not a confidential jetBlue document on its Social Media Strategy & Campaign. This is just an exercise by me.

This is a presentation that discusses a possible jetBlue Social Media Strategy and a new Social Media Campaign that jetBlue COULD be doing now to not only attract new customers but to retain its existing  loyalists to the brand.

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