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10 Great Magazine Ads That Don't Just Sit There Looking Pretty

<This is a re-post of a great post on adweek. No commercial intentions behind it.>

Hit the front end of the Peugot on the opening page, and an actual airbag inflates on the spread inside. Ad agency Loducca made 50,000 of these things for a Brazilian magazine.

The Talking Ad2

QR codes got dictators talking in a recent print ads from the free-press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders. You scan the QR code with your iPhone, then place the phone over the leader’s mouth. The mouth starts talking—but it’s the voice of a journalist discussing media censorship in that country.

The Solar-Powered Ad3

This print ad promoted green energy by being solar-powered itself. In the magazine, it’s just a black-and-white sketch. But held up to sunlight, it blossoms into full color.

The Bottle-Opener Ad4

Follow the instructions on this ad, and you can use the flimsy piece of paper to open a bottle of Carlsberg. Useful!

The Edible Ad5

Volkswagen cooked up a lovely little ad you can eat, and placed it inAuto Trader magazine. The ingredients are listed on the side as “glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour, glycerine.” OK, kind of gross.

The Bra-Tightening Ad6

This Wonderbra ad lets you do a little imprompu boob cinching—a nice little pick-me-up when you’re in the middle of a boring article.

The Bubble-Gum Ad7

Simple and fun.

The Test-Drive Ad8

This Norwegian ad for Volkswagen showed a long stretch of road (in summer and winter versions) and told readers to download an app that lets you “drive” a car on the road by hovering your iPhone over it. You could test three different features of the vehicle—lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control.

The Sunbather’s Ad9

Just what you need—a suntan-lotion ad that comes with a handy way to completely cook your face off.

The Sticky Ad10

A fertility clinic in Australia placed an ad in FHM that caused the magazine’s pages to stick together. When unstuck, the pages revealed a woman posing in lingerie, along with the line, “Don’t waste your sperm.” The message being—donate it at the Repromed fertility clinic instead.